We’ve received a copy of the most recent update to the islands “Guide to Accessible Taxis”. The Guide can be downloaded here

Accessible taxis have been specially adapted to carry a wheelchair if required, and the cab has good internal lighting to assist people who may have a visual impairment. All of the vehicles have wide, shallow ramps. The drivers who have had additional training, can use a winch system to help a passenger who uses a wheelchair to enter and exit the vehicle safely.

Contact details for the 4 Accessible Taxis are below:

Gordon Le Prevost
Tel: 07911 757 757
Email: glepno1@yahoo.co.uk

Ashley Lacey
Tel: 07781 178 178
Email: ashleystaxicab@icloud.com

Daniel Le Sauvage
Tel: 07781 162 662
Email: getaroundguernsey@suremail.gg

Guernsey Social Care
Tel: 07781 411 122
Email: taxi@care.gg

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