“Inclusive” plan for future of Guernsey published

Policy and Resources Plan

The first stage of Guernsey’s new Policy and Resource Plan (“Future Guernsey”) is now up on the States website at www.gov.gg/policyandresourceplan.  It will be debated on 15th November.

The aim of the Plan is to “give Guernsey direction and a clear set of priorities”.   This is important – GDA members know only too well what happens when the States agrees to something without really making it a priority.

The Plan has an “Inclusive and Equal community” section which includes the statement:

Guernsey should be a place where no one gets left behind. We want to continue the work implementing the strategies and plans approved by the previous States such as: Disability and Inclusion; Supported Living and Ageing Well; Children and Young People’s Plan; and Mental Health and Wellbeing” (page 11).

This document is the initial “vision”.    A second, more detailed, version will go to the States in June 2017 after the individual States Committees have had a chance to feed in the work they need to do to implement that vision.