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Farewell to Terry – our Honorary Secretary is retiring

At March’s GDA meeting we said a fond farewell to Terry Moore who retired from his position as GDA Honorary Secretary and chief tea and coffee maker. Terry has been a valuable member of the team and helped develop the GDA, we will all miss him. Luckily,

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HSSD to identify overall need for adult LD respite care

At a meeting with parents in May, the Adult Disability Service (ADSES) explained that they were planning to send out a questionnaire to determine the overall need for respite care for adults with a learning disability.  This follows completion of ‘Phase One’ of their respite care plans

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Mission possible – Deputies take part in access exercise

In April, local disability campaigner, Aindre Reece-Sheerin, invited all States Deputies to take part in an event called “Mission Possible” with the view to change attitudes on access for disabled people around the town area of St Peter Port. As part of the exercise Deputies were asked to

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Message in a Bottle scheme could help save lives

Health Information Guernsey and the St John’s Ambulance have launched a new scheme called Message in a Bottle. It is a simple idea that encourages people to keep their basic personal and medical information in a common place where they can be found in an emergency. The

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Launch of new Autism Guernsey charity

Congratulations to Andy Graham (founder) and the Committee of Autism Guernsey for its truly inspiring charity launch. As the guest speaker Baroness Pitkeathley said in her opening speech: ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door’. You have certainly created this door. The charity supports adults with autism

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Deputies say YES to better mental health

                  In the most enlightened debate the GDA has ever witnessed in the States, Guernsey’s deputies have unanimously approved the island’s first ever Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy and given the final go ahead for a new mental health

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NEW! Adult Disability multi agency meeting to inform future of services

HSSD’s Adult Disability Service has set up a new multi agency forum called the ‘Partnership & Planning Meeting’ which is held quarterly. The forum includes representatives from all of HSSD’s Adult Disability Services, voluntary organisations, parents and service user groups and the Disability & Equality Officer. This

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Disabled People’s Champion John Gollop gets support from other deputies

          Disabled islanders now don’t just have a Disability Champion but an entire team of Disability Champions! Deputy Wilkie and Deputy Le Pelley have kindly offered to assist Deputy Gollop in dealing with disability questions and issues raised by members of the public.

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Disability and Inclusion Strategy likely to be debated in July

The GDA and Deputy John Gollop are part of a Steering Group working together to support Emilie Yerby (States Disability Officer) as she finalises Guernsey’s first ever Disability and Inclusion Strategy. Emilie and the Steering Group are currently presenting an outline of the Strategy to States departments

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States looking for more partnership with voluntary sector

              This is an exciting time for the voluntary sector with new opportunities on the horizon. In their latest ‘Strategic Plan’ the States have expressed a clear intent to work in closer partnership with what they call the ‘Third Sector’. A

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