The GDA has been run a series of workshops on GDA Disability Legislation workshops 2016. Supporting these workshops is a 23 minute video by Rob Platts, GDA founder and Equality Adviser which outlines:

  • What is Disability Discrimination Legislation
  • Why do we need Disability Discrimination Legislation?
  • So what is covered by the legislation?
  • Just how will the legislation deal with discrimination and what offences are likely to be included?
  • Summary of offences
  • Who will be protected?
  • Will any conditions be automatically excluded?
  • So, what are “Reasonable Adjustments”?
  • Who will provide help and advice?
  • You’ve mentioned courts and tribunals but could you explain their involvement a bit more?
  • How long will everyone have to prepare for the legislation?
  • Objective defence of indirect discrimination explained

If you want to know more or would like a copy of the slides for workshop 1 please contact Karen