States Disability Officer

Your point of contact within the States

The Disability Officer for the States of Guernsey is Caroline Mullins.  Her contact details are or 01481 732557.

Caroline Mullins

The Disability Officer is not responsible for the whole of the Strategy.  Her focus is on two of the main projects:

  • providing information and information services
  • ensuring that States’ policies, services and buildings will meet the disability discrimination legislation that is currently in development.

The post of Disability Officer was created by a resolution of the States of Guernsey in October 2009.  Emma Jones was recruited in April 2010, followed by Emilie Yerby in September 2011. Emilie was the driving force behind the creation of the Disability and Inclusion Strategy for Guernsey which was passed by the States in November 2013.  Caroline Mullins was recruited in January 2015.

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