Disability affects every family in Guernsey

There are 13,000 people with a physical or mental condition in Guernsey

4,000 of these 13,000 islanders experience significant difficulties in day to day life as a result of their impairment

More than 2,000 islanders provide care and support for a family member or friend

Disability affects every family in Guernsey

Of the 13,000 people in Guernsey with an impairment or disability there are a large proportion which are hidden or unseen. The Hidden Disability campaign aims to raise awareness of the diverse range of disabilities locally. The awareness will be in the format of videos and factsheet which can be shared by social media and provide information on the impairment, living with a hidden disability, top tips and resources.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Each set of videos and factsheets needs funding. If you are able to support this campaign please get in touch with Karen on 07781 467316 or email karen@disabilityalliance.org.gg.

Members involvement

If you are a member and would like to get involved in the campaign (share your story through video). Please download the Members Brief.

For more information on Hidden Disabilities visit www.matter.gg