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Opportunities to support the GDA membership and over 13,000 Disabled Islanders and 4,000+ carers.

The invaluable work of the GDA and We All Matter Eh? ensures that our 40+ member charities can continue to deliver their amazing services in the community. We are looking for financial support and sponsorship but also support through volunteers on our executive board and for our friends of the GDA.

Members and Stakeholders newsletter

£250 per month

We are seeking a new sponsor for our newsletter which is sent to member charities, members, partners and supporters of the GDA. It is emailed to over 600 people, and hard copies placed in key locations in Guernsey. Sponsors logo would appear on the newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

Member services coordinator (P/T)

£15'000 per year

This part time role is critical to supporting more than 40+ member groups and individual islanders in relation to signposting, communications, meetings, hearing their voice on relevant topics, the interface between the GDA social policy team and the membership.

Members meetings

£100-£250 per month

Our member meetings are an important part of communicating with members, both keeping them up to speed on changes but asking their opinions and insights as feedback to the community. The costs vary by the size of the meeting but estimated £100-£250 per meeting with refreshments, room hire, audio etc

We All Matter Eh? Services

£2,500 - £10,000 per project

We are looking for partners to support us as we start a new venture to offer services in the community and to businesses. Including raising awareness through assemblies and with community groups and starting new workshops, presentations and training for businesses on such topics as Legislation, Reasonable Adjustment, Access, Customer Service etc.

We All Matter Eh? Service Director (P/T)

£30'000 per year

In order to develop and deliver our new services we are seeking funding for a part time role to deliver services in the community and businesses. This role will also develop partnerships with key business groups and work closely with members and stakeholders offering complimentary services (GET, MIND, DIFERA, Dementia Friendly Guernsey, States of Guernsey etc)

We All Matter Eh? campaigns

£ per campaign

In the last few years we have run some very successful campaign on Hidden Disabilities, Accessible Activities and #MakeAChange Think Differently about Disability we are always looking for sponsors and supporters to build on this great work.

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