In March, GDA members got together to discuss Election 2016 and what new deputies could do to make Guernsey’s Disability Strategy real for disabled islanders and carers.

The first video is a compilation of all of our views.  Shorter videos on particular topics, like mental health or carers, are below it.  To share on Facebook and Twitter, click the curved arrow at the top right of each video.



What do GDA members want candidates to know about mental health, carers, respite care,  access, education, information, autism, legislation….


Andrew and Jenny, parents of children and young adults with disabilities, explain the importance of supporting islanders who are caring for others. #MakeItReal


Two of Catherine’s sons are on the autistic spectrum. She explains how difficult it is to access the support services they need in Guernsey.


Members of Guernsey’s new Access for All group explain some of the difficulties they face getting around the island and getting hold of the right information.


Leonie and her three children are hard of hearing. Just like any mum, Leonie wants her children to have the best possible education.

Respite Care

Taking a break every now and again is really important for the wellbeing of young adults with disabilities and the family members who support them. But how much respite care is available in Guernsey?

Mental Health

If you have a mental health condition in Guernsey, how easy is it to get access to therapies at your GP surgery (primary care)? And what about employment?


Getting hold of the right information and filling out forms is tricky for everyone. But what if you have a brain injury from a stroke or an accident?


Rob Platts is the GDA’s Equality Adviser.  He explains why bringing in disability discrimination legislation in Guernsey is so important if disabled islanders are to be able to fully participate in society.

Joyce has 20 years experience of supporting islanders with a mental health condition. She crisply sums up the positives and negatives of the current mental health system in Guernsey.