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Last Day to Register for Postal Vote

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Anyone can register for a postal vote for the 2020 election, you do not have to be off Island during the election to do so. There are a large number of candidates (119) for 38 seats. This means that you can vote for up to 38 people on what will be a long ballot paper. A lot of people will want to spend time filling in the form at home rather than in the voting booth and you might find it easier to fill it in at home. If you enjoy visiting the polling station you can still apply for a postal vote but take your completed envelope to the polling station.

Given the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, the Director of Public Health has advised that those who remain vulnerable or at risk and need to continue to shield should be encouraged to use postal voting. For more information go to the election2020 website. There is an easy read guide to applying for a postal vote available by clicking here.

Don’t miss the deadline on 25th September for applying if you want a postal vote. Apply by clicking here.

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