Membership of the GDA is free and open to:

  • individual disabled people and their family members, carers and friends
  • voluntary organisations that support disabled people
  • professionals who support disabled people

You are very welcome to use this website without joining our mailing list or becoming an formal member. But if you would like to get news relevant to disabled islanders as it happens or become more directly involved in campaigning for equality of opportunity for disabled islanders and carers, just email us from the Contact Us page or call 07781 467316.

We will add you to the GDA email list and keep you up to date. We will also send you agendas for upcoming GDA meetings which are usually held monthly on a Wednesday evening at the Ron Short Centre from  7pm to 9pm.  There is no obligation for members to attend meetings, just come along if you are interested in the topic.

To become a formal member of the GDA please complete the attached membership form and forward it to the GDA for approval at the next Executive committee
1. Individual member
2. Member charity

We welcome membership from all charities, clubs and groups that represent disabled islanders and support our mission and goals (can you provide a link to these) so we can provide the widest possible voice on a number of issues facing people with disabilities in Guernsey