About Sarah.

The States’ Champion for Disabled People is Deputy Sarah Hansmann Rouxel, appointed in September 2016.

Please contact Sarah:

  • If you need help resolving an issue with the States relating to disability
  • To help her to represent the views of disabled islanders and carers in the States.

Please don’t feel that you can only speak to the Disability Champion. Your parish deputies also need to be aware of the issues affecting their disabled parishioners, as do the members of the relevant States Committee, and your local douzaine.
It’s natural to be reluctant to bother a deputy, but remember – it’s their job and a good deputy welcomes constructive feedback from islanders to help inform his or her work.
You can find a full contact list for all States members on the States website.

Past Disability Champions include:

  • Deputy Arrun Wilkie  – see more in our news blog
  • Deputy John Gollop – see more in our election and stepping down news blog
  • Deputy Jane Stephens

Extra support for the champion (new blog)

The first election for disability champion was in 2012 – see news here 

Contact Details.