Introduction of Part M – Access and Facilities for Disabled People

On the 1st March 1992 new Building Regulations came into force replacing the 1957 Building Regulations. This was the first time that Part M Access and Facilities for Disabled People was include in the regulations following intensive campaigning from Dave Purdy.

For the first time all new buildings and major renovations, other than a dwelling occupied by a single family, had to take account of the needs of people who had impaired hearing or sight as well as those of people with impairments that limited their ability to walk or which required them to use a wheelchair.

The 1992 Regulations introduced rules around provision of toilets and audience or spectator seating as well as general access and use under part M.

The Building (Guernsey) Regulations, 2012 came into operation on the 1st July 2012 replacing the previous regulations and extended the provisions of Part M.

The Building (Alderney) Regulations, 2014

The Building (Alderney) Regulations, 2014 came into operation on the 10th February 2014.

These Regulations revoked and replaced the Building (Alderney) Regulations, 1978 (Alderney Statutory Instrument No. 1 of 1978). These Regulations provided for modern building standards, to be complied with when carrying out building work on Alderney and included a mirror of the Guernsey Part M regulations for access to and use of buildings.