Deadline: 15th February 2022

Machinery of Government Review – Community Engagement

The Policy & Resources Committee, is looking at the island’s machinery of government – i.e. how government is structured and operates.

As an organisation that has a special interest in an aspect of community life, the GDA was invited to nominate an attendee for the workshop on 15th February 2022. Carol Le Page, the Director of Social Policy attended this workshop on behalf of the GDA.

The Policy & Resources Committee have said that this will not be the only opportunity for islanders to feed into the consultation process. We therefore anticipate there will be further public meetings in 2022 before the Committee reports back to the States in 2023.

The Terms of Reference of the review are set out below.

Outside the States and Royal Court building at the grey granite frontage

Policy & Resources Committee – Reshaping Government Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To consider the effectiveness of the existing system of government, taking note of any lessons learned from significant and ongoing recent challenges such as the impact of Brexit and the management of and response to the Covid-19 pandemic;
  2. To consider how government can best be structured in order to work in an agile way to identify, agree and deliver priorities for the benefit of the community and present initial findings and options to the Policy & Resources Committee by the end of Q1 2022;
  3. To consider how the structure of the civil service may need to change in response to any alterations to the machinery of government;
  4. To ensure that the respective accountabilities of elected Members and officers are formally defined and articulated;
  5. To consider how best to ensure that quality and continuity of support to government can be maintained within and across political terms and present initial findings and options to the Policy & Resources Committee no later than Q4 2022;
  6. To recommend any changes to the structure of government to the States of Deliberation via the Policy & Resources Committee no later than June 2023.

The States Deputies met before the community meeting on the 15th February 2022 and the media release about this meeting can be found by clicking the button below.