Tuesday 7th November 2023

Purple Tuesday is all about improving the disabled customer experience and is a global social movement.

The Purple Tuesday Website explained that one of the most powerful, yet simple, changes made by businesses in 2023 has been the widespread adoption of the six second rule, where staff count to six in their heads after asking a question, allowing neurodivergent customers the space to process the information and give an enriched response.

Other steps taken by organisations included adopting the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme, carrying out website access audits, providing disability awareness training for staff and holding disability focus groups to gain product design insights.

Below is what was happening in Guernsey on Purple Tuesday 2023 and some on line training resources available all year!

Shop Opening at the Ron Short Centre

To celebrate Purple Tuesday UNLtd opened its new shop at the Ron Short Centre. The official opening was performed by Caroline.

There are fabulous items for sale, some pre-loved others made by the hugely talented gang at the Ron Short Centre. Check out the photo gallery below.

Light up Purple

The States lit up BeauSejour and Castle Cornet on Purple Tuesday. They both looked fantastic and raised awareness of Purple Tuesday and improving the experience for disabled customers.

Take a look at the pictures below!


AccessAble is contracted by the States to provide access guides for lots of Guernsey properties the public might visit. These include restaurants and shops but also include schools, the hospital and other public services.

A demonstration of AccessAble was provided at Grow Limited with a whistle-stop guided tour of the new Grow premises.

On Line Training

There is now more up to date on line local training than ever before! Here are some links to help customers service providers managers, in fact everyone!

AccessAble Courses

Disability Essentials

Disability for Managers

So that you can go in and out of the training and your progress will be recorded you need to create a training account for the AccessAble courses – follow the link:

To access the training when you have created the account follow the link

Consortium Training

Consortium – Foundation Course

Consortium – Introduction to the New Discrimination Ordinance

Consortium – Employers Responsibilities

Consortium – Service Providers’ Responsibilities

Consortium – Accessibility and Reasonable Adjustment

Consortium Extra Resources

Consortium  – Lived Experience of Disability

Consortium  – Benefits of an inclusive business 

Consortium  – LGBTQ+ Inclusive Language

Consortium – Introduction to the New Discrimination Ordinance – Positive Action 

Consortium – Employers’ Responsibilities – Barrier Free Recruitment 

Consortium  – Employers’ Responsibilities – Supporting Existing Employees 

Consortium – Service Providers’ Responsibilities – A Case Study

Consortium – Reasonable Adjustments – Supported Employment

Consortium – Reasonable Adjustments – The Importance of Consultation

Consortium – Reasonable Adjustments – In Practice