The proposed legislation will have in-built features of proportionality and reasonableness. No business will be required to do anything that would impose a disproportionate burden.

All businesses will be required to ensure that necessary and appropriate adjustments are made for employees and service users with disabilities. This duty only applies when the employer or service provider is aware of the disability. Very few such adjustments involve anything more than some thought and some procedural changes. Most adjustments cost very little.

All companies will be required to carry out a general review of accessibility. Plenty of time will be allowed to make any changes required.

This is not onerous or difficult and full guidance will be available. Again, any such changes will not be required if they are judged to be a disproportionate burden.

The public sector and education establishments will be required to produce accessibility plans.

Accessibility is generally a positive and profitable concept. Improving physical access and training staff in how best to serve persons with disabilities will usually result in increased customer satisfaction and improved sales.