The grounds of age is not in phase 1 of the discrimination ordinance.

The States agreed not to include all children under carer status grounds and therefore landlords can still specify no children until the grounds of age are considered in more detail in phase 2.

Original Policy Proposals (2019)

Under the protected ground of “carer status”, landlords would not be able to specify “no children” except in limited circumstances.

Consultation Feedback (2019-2020)

Landlords felt they should be able to specify “no children”.

Final – What the States have Agreed (2020)

Carers of non-disabled dependent children have been removed from the definition of carer status so landlords can continue to specify “no children” if they wish but not because of a child’s disability and not because of something arising in consequence of their disability (e.g. having an assistance animal) unless, in the case of something arising in consequence of their disability, it can be objectively justified.