Future key dates

Completion of Phase 1

  • 2021 – Training Stage: Provision of training and information, etc, in respect of Phase 1 as approved by the States.
  • 2022 – Implementation Stage: Enactment of legislation in respect of Phase 1.

Delivery of Phase 2

  • 2023 – Phase 2 policy letter: Protection on the ground of age.Modernisation of the existing Sex Discrimination Ordinance. Equal pay for work of equal value. Consideration of multiple and intersectional discrimination. Protection on the grounds of religious belief and/or sexual orientation, if not incorporated in Phase 1 (by virtue of Propositions 1A or 1B).
  • 2024 – Training and implementation: Ordinance including Phase 2 grounds brought to the States for approval and implemented (with six- month lead-in period as in Phase 1). Training on new grounds of protection rolled out.

Specific Lead-In Periods

  • 2026 – Discrimination in Education: In accordance with Table 8.6.1 of the policy letter, provisions relating to discrimination in education come into effect no later than 2026.
  • 2027 – Accessibility and Equal Pay: In accordance with Table 8.6.1 of the policy letter, the final provisions of the Ordinance (relating to public sector accessibility action plans; complaints in respect of changes to physical features; and implementation of equal pay for work of equal value) come into effect.


  • 2029 – Post-Implementation Review: To take place no more than two years after all provisions of the Ordinance are in force. May take place sooner if required.