Liz is known to many through her work as the Centre Manager at the  Guernsey Biological Records Centre. She is the founder of the Guernsey Scientist and provides updates on research on the Island and in its waters.

Liz is keen to increase access to nature and will be attending the next access course run by CAE so will be getting into measuring slopes and looking at outside surfaces soon!

Liz has a passion for getting everyone involved in nature and can be seen in her octopus hat in the middle of a crowd round a rock pool or giving a lecture on our unique environment.

Liz Sweet with Octopus hat on pointing at a crab in her hand

Liz is an oceanographer with both research and environmental services industry experience. Enthusiastic SciComm scientist dedicated to inclusion. Oceanographer is a fancy term for ocean scientists who study the physical, chemical, and biological features of the ocean and all its complex relationships with the planet. As Liz is fond of saying, “Everything is connected!”.

Liz Sweet with a lizard

Starting off with a BSc in Geology at Edinburgh, Liz specialised in palaeobiology at Bristol university before heading off to German to a PhD in biogeochemistry. As one of only two native English speakers at the Alfred-Wegener Institut (AWI) for Polar and Marine Sciences Liz spent a lot of time helping colleagues prepare papers for publication. She spent a year as the international PhD representative improving accessibility for international PhD students. She represented international students rights at both general and directorate level and supported coordination between the administrative and scientific sectors. In particular she advocated for dual language official documentation and translated many documents herself. Her work led to;

  1. An advice system for supervisors on how to supervise their students.
  2. Appointment of a foreign employee support officer who is fluent in English.
  3. Provision of German lessons to enable international employees to integrate.

More recently she was the scientist for Wild Island – The Blue, a short nature documentary on the wildlife we find in the seas around the Channel Islands.