September 21, 2011

The Billet for debate in the States of Guernsey at the end of September includes Social Security’s proposals for increases in Benefits for 2012.
As many GDA members will remember, last year Social Security proposed increasing Invalidity Benefit (IVB) by 1.5% whilst pensions were due to go up by 2.9%. It took an amendment from Deputy Jane Stephens, supported by the GDA, to reinstate a 2.9% increase.
The good news is that this year the proposed IVB increase is the same as pensions at 3.6%.
However this is only a reprieve – Social Security haven’t yet given up their quest to bring IVB down in line with sickness benefit. To quote the report:

    “The Department has identified the investigation into the creation of a single incapacity benefit as a project to be undertaken. However, work is not currently scheduled to commence until June 2012. In the meantime, the Department is recommending that invalidity benefit be increased in line with all other contributory benefits from 2012.”

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