December 12, 2011

two people doing a jigsawIt seems that getting something through the States just isn’t enough anymore.
As reported in Saturday’s Press, HSSD is threatening to postpone the introduction of the Adult Learning Disability Respite Care project until 2013, if not beyond.
This project was intended to create a new two-bedded adult unit, allowing The Croft to focus on children and was the project that disabled islanders were celebrating finally getting through the States Strategic Planning process just a couple of months ago.
Note there is no threat to current provision at The Croft, this is just about the proposed new unit.
This has all come about because T&R have asked Chief Officers to take an extra £6m out of their budgets for next year at short notice. The HSSD slice of that is £2.35m. HSSD reckon they can achieve £1m more of savings, but not the extra £1.35m. To do that they will have to move from “efficiencies” to “cuts”.
In the Board’s view “it is better not to do something new than it is to cut existing services, which is what will otherwise be required”.
The Budget is being debated on Weds 14th Dec.
If you are caring for someone with a learning disability and would like to do something to influence the debate, like calling your deputy, please get in touch with the GDA via our “Contact Us” page and we will send you the background information you’ll need.

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