June 12, 2012

Survey formThe States is carrying out a Disability Survey to help them understand:

  • How many disabled people and carers there are in Guernsey and Alderney
  • What kind of challenges you face here
  • What you would like to change
  • What kind of health conditions and impairments you have

This will help inform the Disability and Inclusion Strategy, as well as other plans the States makes to support disabled people and carers.
Stage One of the research (a postal survey) has already happened. Stage Two is about to start.  It involves short interviews with disabled people and carers and the States are looking for volunteers.

  • The interviews will last about 30 minutes each
  • You can have someone with you to help answer the questions if you wish
  • You can do the interview at home or another place if you want
  • You can do the interview by telephone if you want

You will be asked questions about your experience of work, health care, respite care, home adaptations, social life and other things.
The survey is being done by BMG Research on behalf of the States. All researchers will come from the UK so you won’t bump into them in the shops afterwards!  The States, and the people who work for it, will never be able to connect your name and address to your answers.
Please sign up if you would like to get involved. Your experiences could really help improve the system of support for yourself and others in the future.
Just email Emilie Yerby, Disability Officer, on eyerby@hssd.gov.gg or call 725241 (extension 4157).

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