April 27, 2013

Deputy Gavin St Pier on 'Mission Possible' - picture courtesy of R.Lord

In April, local disability campaigner, Aindre Reece-Sheerin, invited all States Deputies to take part in an event called “Mission Possible” with the view to change attitudes on access for disabled people around the town area of St Peter Port.
As part of the exercise Deputies were asked to explore areas around town using a wheelchair or with a sight impairment. The turn out was good and deputies commented on the usefulness of the exercise helping them to gaining a better understanding of the many difficulties disabled people can face.
Some admitted they hadn’t realised how difficult it can be to get around town with an impairment, especially as most of the barriers are not always apparent to non-disabled people.
To watch Guernsey politicians being bashed into by shop doors, teetering on curbs and narrowly avoiding scaffolding poles go to Channel TV.

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