July 25, 2014

Deputy Arrun Wilkie has been appointed as the new States’ Champion for Disabled People and will jointly lead the Disability and Inclusion Strategy Steering Group alongside Jane Stephens.  He replaces Deputy John Gollop who stepped down in June after his appointment to the Environment Board.
What does the Disability Champion do?

  1. Speaks in States meetings on matters that affect disabled islanders and carers.
  2. Helps individuals resolve disability issues with States Departments.
  3. Helps make sure the Disability and Inclusion Strategy happens, as joint chair of the Steering Group.

More about Deputy Wilkie
Arrun is a deputy for the West and also a douzainier of Torteval parish.  He was first elected to the States in 2012 and is a member of the Home Department and the Scrutiny Committee.  He runs a plumbing business and has four children. If you watched ‘Island Hospital’, you will have seen his wedding to Jody.
To contact Arrun, email arrun.wilkie@deputies.gov.gg or call 07781 106514.
Deputy Wilkie speaking about his new role

“It has been an absolute pleasure to assist Deputy Gollop over the last two years and I look forward to working closely with his predecessor, Jane Stephens. The challenge for the States is to turn its unanimous vote for the Disability and Inclusion Strategy into actions that make a real difference in people’s lives. My focus will be to make sure the States honours the promises made on that watershed day in November 2013.
“I wish to see an inclusive society in Guernsey that recognises every islander for the individual they are.  My motivation for standing as a Deputy has always been to improve the lives of my fellow islanders and that primary ideal will be at the core of everything I do for the disabled people of Guernsey.”

The States’ Champion for Disabled People is an official States role, ratified by the Social Policy Group of the Policy Council (SPG).  The Guernsey Disability Alliance facilitates the election process on behalf of the SPG.
To find out more, read the full announcement here.

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