December 1, 2015

Photo courtesy of Guernsey Press & Star Ltd.
Last night, the candidates in the St Peter Port by-election were asked by a member of the public what they would do to revitalise the Disability and Inclusion Strategy.
Here are our notes on what they said:
Charles Parkinson
Disability Strategy has fallen off the table.
States not good at civil rights generally, belatedly catching up.
Equal pay of equal work is moving up the agenda.
I know Rob Platts, take hat off to them.
In an ideal world there would be good access.
St Peter Port is an ancient town, not wheelchair friendly.
Improving wherever we can.
Keep on working at it. Nibble away piece by piece.
Michael Henderson
We’re far more sympathetic.
Requires resourcing.
We need to get behind it.
David Noakes
Feels for those less fortunate than others.
Difficult place. It’s an old Town.
Have to do what we can, when we can. I think we will.
It’s going at about the right speed, one we can afford.

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