September 30, 2016

Dear Members
This is my first contribution to our newsletter since my election as the GDA Chair. It has been a bewildering few months as there is so much to learn not just about the current and future situation but also to get a feel for what has gone on before. I am still feeling my way to be honest.
What is clear is that there has been a fantastic amount of work of the highest quality completed in the past and I have my job cut out to continue that work but I am very pleased to say that my committee ably supported by Shelaine, Rob and of course our more than capable CEO Karen, are there to lend a tremendously helpful hand and make my job that much easier.
I am pleased to say that through Karen’s representation on the ESSC (Employment and Social Security) project board, who have taken on responsibility for the implementation of the Disability and Inclusion strategy, we are fully involved in the relaunch of this initiative. At the recent presentation by Policy and Resources and the ESSC at the last members meeting it was clear to me that there is a lot of tension and criticism from many members, much deserved, at the failure of the strategy under the previous States. I can also tell you there were robust talks within the executive committee as to what we should do when approached by ESSC to sit on the project board. I felt it important that notwithstanding what had gone wrong in the past the aims of the project board dovetail exactly with our stated objectives and we had to be involved with renewed energy and determination.
You will be given frequent updates on the progress of that board and you can rest assured that I and my committee will hold them to vigorous scrutiny on your behalf.
I would like to thank the many members who have wished me well in my new role, a role I am looking forward to immensely and as always if you have any issues you wish to discuss with me then please do not hesitate to drop me a line.
Robin Le Prevost, Chairman –

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