December 9, 2016

We are actively encouraging our network to nominate friends and members for the Guernsey Sports Awards – para disability sports category. Awards and events like this are key to raising awareness and acceptance locally so please share, nominate and get involved.
Here’s a note from Philippa Stahelin form Headway Guernsey  on how to make nominations.

Hi everyone
My role in this is that I am a volunteer Sports Commissioner for the Guernsey Sports Commission and with my Headway hat on I am passionate about para and disability sport. Knowing how much you and your group do in this area and all the wonderful success you have had, we really would be delighted to receive nominations for the 2 awards listed below. If you go to the website link. You will see the closing date is Mon 12th but we are extending this to Fri 16th because we have been a bit slow getting organised.

All you need to do is write a paragraph or half a page on someone and their achievements this year and send it to us. A photo would be good too but we can arrange this. If you need any help, please contact me by email or my mobile is 07781 100525 and I would be happy to chat you through this. Please feel free to nominate as many people as you feel appropriate.
In the past we have had many worthy winners who achieved great things and we really want to celebrate this in the community and highlight all your good work. It’s a great event as well!
Para-sport Awards Categories:
· The Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson Trophy for the Sports Achiever of the Year with a Physical Impairment
· The Sports Achiever of the Year with an Intellectual Impairment
Many thanks

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