February 12, 2017

Learners on the Access course have been working hard developing the Delancey Community Kitchen Garden within Delancey Park.
They have developed their practical horticulture skills, and taken part in health and Nutrition classes.
The students have developed their interpersonal skills by talking to students and lecturers from other courses in collaboration projects.
The garden has been transformed into a space appropriate for young children and their families to use  and includes a black board for children to draw on and sand tyres to play in. The next task the learners in Access have are to create instruments from recycled objects for the children to play.
Access – Ability  have supported the Delancey Community Kitchen Garden and the learners at the college who have LDD for the last 5 years. Some learners have gained interests in gardening as a career and attended work placements at local garden centres and at ‘Grow’.
Although the garden is now part of the Edible Guernsey portfolio of projects, the Access ability charity still play a keen role in supporting young people with LDD to participate in the gardening projects, and work placements where they may require PPE or equipment.
The garden is a space open to the whole community, but we welcome  all young people and their families to use the garden whenever they with. The produce grown in the gardening is available to all, for free, all we ask is that you help by pulling  a few weeds or giving some time to develop the garden.

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