March 18, 2017

The Bristol Cutters are coming to Guernsey again, in June 2016. The Youth Commission will be seeking youth groups to fill all of the weekend slots 17/18 June 2017.
The Bristol Cutters have been coming to Guernsey now for a number of years, sponsored and paid for by the Set Sail Trust.  The Set Sail Trust is a charitable trust, established to help maintain Guernsey’s historical links with maritime activities. They provide opportunities for people who would not normally be able to join in nautical events. Schools and clubs are the main recipients of this activity.
For more information on Set Sail Trust visit:
There will be three boats (Bristol Cutters) again in 2017 and there is no cost for this activity.
Each boat comes with a skipper and mate (they run the boat). There are 12 places per boat (which includes responsible adult helpers – 2:10 as a minimum) for clubs. Clippers depart and dock from St. Peter Port harbour. Groups should provide two responsible adults to attend with the young people – one of those adults should be nominated as the Group Leader.

  • Disability groups are encouraged and ratios of staff to young people will depend on the nature of disability: but all participants should be able to climb a two metre ladder unaided (it is accepted that some assistance from carers may be needed. In the past wheelchair bound young people have been accommodated).
  • Each group is to have a Group Leader (who is the nominated responsible adult/youth worker to lead each group’s organisation) who will have simple responsibilities for planning (including getting parental consent forms signed, a copy is attached), getting groups to the quay, meeting the Clippers and their Skippers at the point of departure – very likely to be Inter Island (Sark) quay – just 5 min early is sufficient, accompanying groups, and returning groups to their centre or to other.
  • Once at the boats, the Skipper and Mate will then give a crew safety briefing before leaving port.
  • All crew will be fitted with lifejackets by the Skipper and Mate.
  • The groups will be prepared through letters to parents (which will come via Group Leaders) and hopefully some activities in clubs.
  • The Group Leaders will meet the Skipper of their yacht on arrival and share any relevant young person and/or adult helper medical information or other needs.
  • Lunch or snacks will not be provided.  Young people are advised to bring a bottle of water and a snack if they require.
  • This is an offsite visit, so we all need to follow protocols, which I will try and keep to a minimum. A risk assessment will be available near the time for those that need one (from topsail adventures who run the Boats).

Please contact me via email or by phone between 9am and 1pm to book your slot.  Please see attached timetable and the parental consent forms (to be held on each boat by the group leader).
Thank you.
Jody Horne
Youth Commission Form Parental consent Set Sail 2017  Bristol Cutters 2017 Timetable
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