May 31, 2017

Les Cotils, Harry Bound Room
Tuesday 6th June
6:30pm refreshments for prompt start 7pm
What has the GDA ever done for us?
The GDA meeting on 6th June takes its inspiration from the famous Monty Python “What have the Romans ever done for us” sketch. Members and guests will be taken through an engaging, whistle-stop review of the reasons the GDA exists, whether the GDA is achieving its vision of improving the lives of thousands of islanders affected by disability and a candid assessment of the challenges which lie ahead
Our founder and equality adviser will take us through the GDA journey (10 years next year!) its formation, the achievements, challenges and opportunities.
We highly recommend that members, member charities and anyone interested in Equality and Social Policy locally attends.
All welcome.
What has the GDA ever done for Guernsey? – a candid review of the GDA’s role, achievements and future challenges

  • GDA session objectives:
    Better understanding:
    – from funders about the role and importance of the GDA
    – from Government (civil servants and Deputies) about the aims and role of GDA.
    – amongst our members and member organisations about our role, what we have achieved and future challenges.
    – of GDA member’s roles (importance of GDA being representative of disabled people).
    – from Government about the difficulties GDA faces carrying out its work with them.
    – amongst all parties about the interrelationship between the members side (We all Matter , eh?), the practical access side (Access 4 All), and the GDA campaigning arm.
    – amongst the media about what the GDA does, so that they may represent and support appropriately
    – amongst the GDA Exec about how to tackle the future challenges
  • an opportunity for the audience to question our approach, role.

We very much look forward to seeing you there.
The GDA Team

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