August 15, 2018

Please see attached a poster for the Friends of Grow (FroGs) Hoe-Down event next month. This should be a great evening with a Hog Roast, Country and Western Band and the Rodeo Bucking Bronco. Please circulate to friends, family and colleagues and anyone that you believe will enjoy this event.
If you would like to attend the event please contact the Grow office to book your place as soon as you can as tickets are limited.
They are also selling raffle tickets which will be drawn on the night. I have also attached a photo of the tickets showing the great prizes that will be won. If you would like some tickets let me know and I can deliver them to you or you can pick some up from the Grow site.
Contact: Carol Brehaut
Office Administrator
(8.30am – 12.30pm Monday – Friday)
Tel: (01481) 721865

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