October 8, 2018

As part of the Accessible Town project (www.accessibletown.gg) We All Matter Eh? GDA and Access for All are partnering with Chamber of Commerce to survey local businesses and organisations to understand how we can support them to become more Disability Confident.


Locally, various third sector organisations (including Chamber member, Guernsey Disability Alliance), have done a pretty good job of explaining why, from a human rights perspective, business should be keen to improve access to their goods, services and employment opportunities for disabled people – and now legislation requiring such access is around the corner.
Refreshingly, the upcoming Purple Pound campaign is “carrot” rather than “stick”.  First, the campaign does not focus on the demands disabled people put on businesses but rather on the benefits they bring.  In fact, there are significant business reasons (probably about 250 purple million of them annually*) for improving accessibility.  Secondly, the campaign invites a collaborative approach between businesses and disabled islanders to improving accessibility and inclusivity.
In support of this wider approach, we agreed to help by producing a short questionnaire designed to uncover the main issues the campaign should focus on.  For example, we want to hear whether members believe they would benefit most from advice about improving physical access or whether they are more concerned about communication, disability etiquette and language.
To equip your customer service staff with the necessary confidence and skills to respond effectively to customers with disability, please complete the survey and register for our free launch event at the new Chamber of Commerce offices in Inner market, on 23rd October 2018 from 8:15am
Please confirm if you would like to be contacted in relation to the free launch and further educational workshops by emailing hello@accessibletown.gg
*  GDA, based on UK figures, estimates the 13,000 disabled people in Guernsey have a combined annual spending power of £250 Million.

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