November 13, 2018

Discrimination legislation – how can legislation tackle discrimination and who is going to advise everyone and resolve complaints?
These are some of the issues that Rob Harnish and Rob Platts have been working on, on behalf of members, with the Committee for Employment and Social Security. Some of these issues are likely to be subject to wider consultation in the coming weeks.
Headlines of the matters under consideration include:

  • What measures can be introduced to prevent discrimination happening?
  • How should the duties to advise on the new legislation and informally resolve discrimination complaints be dealt with, and which body should be responsible (Proposed Equality and Rights Organisation, or the existing Employment Relations Office),
  • How should formal complaints involving discrimination in the fields of access to goods and services (including Education) be dealt with (Tribunal or Court),
  • What remedies should be available (financial and procedural),
  • Should awards be fixed or calculated to compensate for actual loss,
  • Should awards to compensate for injury to dignity and feelings be fixed or based on a scale?, and
  • Should access to justice to protect human rights be free of cost?

These issues are explored in more detail in this article here.

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