January 29, 2019

Disability Review – BDF reports

You can view the reports and commentary on the States of Guernsey website here
The States of Guernsey’s Disability and Inclusion Strategy contains an action for the States’ to commission an audit of its practices, buildings and services to ensure they meet the requirement of new legislation.

States of Guernsey Action plan

Service areas within the States of Guernsey have been working through a series of actions as a result of audits completed by the Business Disability Forum (BDF) during 2017. You can view the full BDF audit report here
You can also view the States of Guernsey status action report setting out progress over 2018, work still to be achieved and important next steps, here

Business Disability Forum (BDF) reports

The Business Disability Forum (BDF) were commissioned in mid 2017 to undertake a series of audits of States of Guernsey service areas. This was to assess current level of preparedness of its employment practices, buildings and services. The audits were from the perspective of both employer and service provider. BDF made short, medium and long term recommendations which were then reviewed by service areas. The full reports are published below. Internal action plans were then developed which are published above in a consolidated report (titled ‘States of Guernsey Action Plan following BDF audit’).

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