May 21, 2019

The GDA continues to represent our members (key stake holders) in the Disability and Inclusion Strategy Project Board’s work to develop the business plan needed to establish the ERO.

An ERO is a statutory body designed to help foster a culture of equality, inclusion, diversity.  It aims to help people to exercise their human rights and to reduce discrimination. The various functions of an ERO generally fall into three main headings:  the promotion, the protection and the monitoring of rights.

In the States recently published “Talking Points” it was noted that “It would not be possible to tackle discrimination effectively with legislation alone.  The roles which the ERO would undertake would play a key part in supporting wider cultural change to prevent discrimination from occurring.”  “Talking Points” also noted that a key function of Guernsey’s ERO will be to help prepare individuals, organisations and businesses for the Island’s proposed discrimination legislation.

The Committee for Employment & Social Security have recently considered the possible structure and accreditation of Guernsey’s ERO and, while the results of this work are not yet in the public domain, work has now started on the first draft of the ERO Policy Letter.

The challenges facing the Committee include deciding how the various functions of an ERO are to be covered and when they should be established.  Currently, for example, the State’s Employment Relations Service carries out some functions with regard to the administration and resolution of discrimination complaints made under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance.  Decisions must be made about how these, and complaints made under the expanded grounds of the new legislation, will be dealt with in the future and whether and at what stage these duties might be best transferred to the ERO.

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