September 20, 2019

a few points of clarification

  • Chamber of Commerce has been involved with, and has been represented on the Discrimination Legislation Development Project Team since May 2017.
  • Groups were invited to comment on the Straw Man proposals Nov 2018 – no one provided a response
  • Both Chamber and IOD were represented at the Straw Man proposals presentation in Nov 2018.
  • The public consultation period is 1 day short of 12 weeks (longer than usual) not 9 weeks , as suggested in the Chamber Survey
  • The technical draft proposals run to 190 pages (including appendices), not 294 as suggested in the survey.
  • The Committee for Employment and Social Security (ESS), not the Committee for Education and Sport(ESC) has developed the proposals
  • Jersey’s legislation was considered but, for various reasons, including that it does not comply with the various international rights agreements Guernsey is committed to, it was rejected.

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