September 6, 2019

a note from HEAL, short summary and longer document below

9th August 2019 both HSC and P&R publicly state that the gap in drug and treatment funding in the Bailiwick compared to that of the NHS in England is now unacceptably large.

The Review gives 6 options. HSC seem to support Option 5, prioritising NICE TA approved treatments on the basis of (clinical and) cost effectiveness.

The Review identified 480 NICE TAs (as of 31/12/18). 320 are routinely funded in Bailiwick and 160 that are not. 87 of 160 unfunded drugs are cancer drugs. 

Importantly SPH also looked in detail at Option 6 (Status quo) examining the current system allowing them to make numerous recommendations. They found variations in process and many operational issues.

IT NOTED THAT: Jersey’s primary care services typically fund all NICE TA approved treatments and that hospital services have a policy to fund all NICE TA and HST approved treatments (excluding CDF treatments). 

IT ALSO STATED: Regardless of the outcome of the Options Appraisal, addressing the process, communication and transparency issues discussed in this Review is just as important.

Under HSC proposals, Year 1 will see 3400 patients who are currently receiving either no treatment or sub-optimal treatment get treatments that will improve their quality of life, prolong or even save their lives.

The cost is £5.3m or £1560 extra per patient per year or £4.27 a day, less than 2 Costa coffees or £175 extra per tax payer per year.

Doubts and Concerns

HSC said this would be debated at the end of September, it will not. The delay suggests that P&R are controlling timing of any debate for budgetary reasons. This potentially pits a number of as yet unfunded policy letters against each other. There is a real danger NICE TAs will remain unfunded and or a decision deffered to the next States.

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