December 11, 2020

Surgical waiting lists remain a growing and significant problem. We would like to know to what extent this is effecting GDA members or carers of GDA members. If you are struggling to get information from HSC or the MSG, have had operations cancelled or delayed please let me know.

Medicinal cannabis can now be privately prescribed and imported through off-island clinics and health professionals. Information on the procedure can be found at

If you are experiencing problems accessing this new procedure then please let me know.

HSC have announced they are now in a position to formally commence the work necessary to roll out the first tranche of NICE TAs which significantly increase the range of drugs and treatments available to Bailiwick residents with chronic medical conditions. Please ask your GP or consultant at your next appointment if you are one of the thousands of patients who will benefit from the implementation of our new drug and treatment policy. HSC tell us that, “No request from a doctor for a NICE approved TA drug to be added to the White List has been declined since the States resolution was made.”


Mike Read

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