December 3, 2020

In the GDA AGM, new Director of Social Policy, Carol Le Page gave an update on the team and plans for future

Future priorities:

  • Discrimination Legislation
  • Disability and Inclusion Strategy workstreams
  • SLAWS Supported Living and Aging Well Strategy

Disability and Inclusion Strategy

The Social Policy work for 2021 includes the following:

  • Influence the updating of the Disability and Inclusion strategy – to ensure that disability remains an important separate part of the required ongoing work as more grounds are included in the proposed legislation.
  • Horizon Scanning team – will be set up as a team of experts who will help look at how other areas have helped persons affected by disability so that we can learn from them.
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities UNCRPD – we are going to improve our own understanding and other peoples understanding about the rights under this important convention.
  • Discrimination Legislation Project Group – the GDA needs to maintain representation on this important group which will be responsible for ensuring the drafting of the legislation happens. The new equality body, to be set up as a requirement of the new legislation, will also be influenced by this Project Group.
  • Capacity legislation implementation – we want to make sure that everyone who needs to know about this important piece of legislation is aware of it.
  • States preparedness – we want to help the States to set an example of how to be compliant with the new legislation.
  • Attitude Survey – the States will be rolling out an attitude survey so that we will be able to target some of our work more effectively and help influence people to have raised awareness.

In addition to the above Catherine Hall will continue to try to influence the way forward for Education, Mike Read will be following Health closely to ensure ground is not lost on NICE TAs and we are aware of what other projects they are working on, and Rob Harnish will be taking on transport for us.

Supported Living and Ageing Well (SLAWS) 

There is work likely to come forward in this States term on SLAWS but as yet we do not know when that will be over the next four and a half years.

We will be discussing timetables with States members in an effort to ensure that work we should be contributing to has sufficient resources from the GDA.

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