February 15, 2021

GPEG focus group 

Thank you for all the people who have contacted us about the misleading press headline which stated “Disability group welcome the assessment of legislation’. Just to confirm we have requested to meet with the focus group leaders – Connie Heylar and Susie Crowder – which will take place Tuesday 16th February, to ask more about the terms of reference and body of work.

We do not support an assessment of the actual legislation, the research and consultation was extensive over the last term and although the proposals were watered down we still support the unanimous passing of the proposals July 2020.

We are very willing to engage with all areas of the community to look at positive ways to support the lead up to the legislation 2022 and beyond. We have been working on a project that came out of a meeting with G4 and partners to review the current training on offer locally and if there are gaps in that offering and the needs of organisations (businesses, public sector and third sector groups) and how we can assist to fill those gaps.

We are always willing to listen to the issues and see we how we can support, this is the primary role of the Partnership Director role, currently held by Karen Blanchford through We All Matter, Eh? and Access for All

We have some concerns over the terminology used re Cost Benefit analysis and impact assessment as well as the purpose of a ‘focus group’. We contacted a well done UN consultant for offered us this (free) advice

GPEG Note on CBA IA focus group

Please email karen@matter.gg if you have any queries

We have also engaged with an experienced partner to get their understanding on:

  • focus groups
  • cost benefit analysis
  • impact assessments

Please see Burt’s note attached

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