February 26, 2021

States Disability Officer has requested you feedback, along with that from businesses, accommodation providers etc, on what training provision you would like to see in the run up to the anti-discrimination legislation 2022

The Project Board of the Discrimination Legislation Implementation Group (PBDLIG)

The Group is keen to understand how best to support all organisations prior to the introduction of the legislation, which is currently planned for the latter half of 2022.

We are proposing to develop training and guidance documents which will cover the following subjects.

  • Discrimination legislation: including projected grounds, definitions of disability and carer status, key requirements, difference to Jersey and UK legislation.
  • Types of discrimination, prohibited conduct, legal lawful treatment, objective justification, awards and remedies and exceptions.
  • Responsibilities of employers and service providers: including recruitment, induction, performance and attendance management.
  • Reasonable adjustments and accessibility.
    Please answer the following questions as this will help us to develop the training and theassociated guidance documents.
  1. Are there any additional training requirements that are not already listed in the list above?
  2. Are there specific training requirements related to your organisation?
  3. How would you like the training presented?
    • Presentations to mixed groups
    • Presentations to individual groups
    • Virtual presentations
    • On line training sessions
    • Training document to download
  4. What time could you commit to the training sessions?
    • 1 session of up to 90 minutes
    • 2 or more sessions of 90 minutes
  5. What additional guidance documents might you find useful?
  6. Is there anything further you would like to comment about the training and guidance documents?

Many thanks from
Gill Evans, States Disability Officer, on behalf of the Implementation Project Board

You can down load the training questionnaire as a PDF here

Training Questionnaire

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