March 12, 2021

The first meeting of the Discrimination Legislation Implementation External Stakeholder Group took place on the 25th February 2021. The GDA is represented on the group by Karen Blanchford.

This Group will be looking at the implementation of the new discrimination legislation. The Groups purpose is:

To provide a mechanism for feedback to the Discrimination Legislation Project Implementation Group from external (non-States) stakeholders on the plans for implementing the new discrimination Ordinance and to ensure that all organisations that will have responsibilities under the legislation are supported through signposting to training and the provision of information.

A presentation was given to the group which, together with the notes to the slides, is reproduced below.


This gives the membership of the Group and a brief history of the Strategy and an update on the ordinance and when it is due to be implemented. The second half of the presentation (from slide 16 onwards) discusses what training needs stakeholders will have and talks about the training that
ESS might consider commissioning for later this year/ early 2022. It also considers what guidance documents might be useful as these will be
included as part of the training plan.

A training questionnaire has also been launched by Employment and Social Security to see what information people want and in what format. The information collected will also help in the design of any guidance documents.


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