August 9, 2021

Change to Fibre Optic from Copper

The Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority has published a call for information titled Fibre to the premises: Future approach to emergency calls.

This call for information has come about as there is going to be a move from copper wire to fibre optic cables for our phone lines. This is generally good news and a modernisation of the system. However, whereas the old copper network would still work if you had a power cut, the new fibre optic system requires power to work. The solution is either a mobile phone (that would need to previously have been charged) or a back up battery pack for the land line.

Where you are likely to require emergency services it is important that alternative methods are provided. You may also be reliant on your land line due to having no mobile signal in your area. Alarms are also often through the land lines such as Lifeline alarms, lift alarms, fire alarms etc. or you may be reliant on other devices through your land line that would be an issue if the power was down.

The following pamphlet has been provided to explain the issues. Click on the image below to read the pamphlet:

Pamphlet on the Future of emergency calls in Guernsey - click to open

Call for Information

The Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority has asked the GDA to comment specifically on:

  • How to ensure vulnerable groups are assured of emergency call access going forward?
  • How best to identify and communicate the changes to those vulnerable groups?
  • What might the most efficient, cost -effective and satisfactory technical solution be to achieve this?

See the full letter to the GDA by clicking the link below:

Letter from Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority 3-8-2021

You can make your own submission to the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority which consultation ends on 24th September.

Contact Carol

If you would instead like to join the GDA submission we would welcome any views you might have on these or any other issues resulting from the change.

Please contact Carol Le Page preferably by email at:

or by phoning or texting Carol on:

07839 189995.

Please could you contact Carol by Friday 17th September so that she has time to include your comments in the GDA submission.

Full Report

The full report from the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority, calling for information,  has a total of 36 questions and you can view the whole report by clicking the image below:

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