October 18, 2021

An update from the Disability and Inclusion Strategy work has been provided and can be seen by clicking the following button:

The latest report covers the period from 31st July- 24th September. If you want earlier reports these can be found on the GDA site at:

Click here

Alternatively the States puts the reports on the Signpost.gg site here.

An easy read version of the report is due to be released shortly.

The overall status of the project is red due to the framework for people with learning disabilities.

The important discrimination legislation will have a draft going to the Committee at the end of October. Following this, a consultation with key stakeholders will be organised by the Committee for Employment and Social Security.

A Religion and belief and sexual orientation policy letter has been submitted to the States and should be debated in October, but this will be dependant on other business.

Training was given to new members of the Ports Customer Care team, the hidden disability Lanyard scheme was promoted and accessAble gave a presentation about the online guide, including a “top tips” section.

Over the next period we are looking forward to further movement on supported and mainstream employment.

A stakeholder meeting is to take place. This will include a presentation on the feedback from stakeholders about the services they provide.

Purple Tuesday will be taking place on 2nd November and will aim to improve the experience of the disabled customer.

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