April 1, 2022

Improving accessibility at Petit Bot Bay

Site visit: Thursday 31st March 2022, 12pm

One of the viewing and seating areas surrounding Petit Bot Bay has been made accessible for wheelchair and mobility scooter users following recent alterations made to the existing low walled grass area just above the bay

Dave Rowlinson, GDA access ambassador had made the suggestion to the Forest Douzaine following a visit to the area;

‘My wife was walking the dogs on the beach and I thought I would go to one of the areas above on my scooter to watch. The area adjacent to the Martello Tower was blocked by parked cars and in the other larger area access was prevented by a low wall. It seemed to me that by simply removing a small part of the wall accessibility for all could be obtained.’

Mr Rowlinson contacted the Forest Douzaine who agreed that such a change could be made and would be beneficial.

Clive Le Tissier senior constable of the Douzaine said:

‘The Forest Douzaine are delighted that wheelchair access has been created at the viewing area overlooking Petit Bot beach. It is important that we consider the needs of people with mobility issues and, wherever viable, make the changes that allow as much as possible of our beautiful island to be accessible to all. The simple solution at Petit Bot could easily be replicated elsewhere. Well done Dave for pointing this out!’

Karen Blanchford, Partnership Director, at the GDA said ‘One of the aims of the GDA’s ‘Access for All’ campaign is to show that in many cases simple and viable changes can be made which will make a significant difference for people. Improving Accessibility in all areas of island life is key to providing better inclusion for all in the community’.


David Rowlinson, Access Ambassador for the GDA

Email: david@lhl.co.gg  Mobile: 07781 133553

Karen Blanchford, Partnership Director

karen@disabilityalliance.org.gg  Mobile: 07781 467316

Website: www.gda.org.gg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GuernseyDisabilityAlliance
Twitter: @GDA_Disability

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