June 17, 2022

In partnership with Chamber of Commerce we are running an open forum on the legislation Wednesday 29th June 12-2pm at the Chamber offices.  Charities are welcome to register for the event – as small organisations.

Please see the link below for the Eventbrite registration

Drop in to Chamber for an open discussion with representatives from the business community and the GDA to share your thoughts or learn more

Are you a small-to-medium business owner with questions about the upcoming anti-discrimination legislation (ADL)? The ADL can be confusing for SMEs, who can seem disproportionately affected by the requirements of the legislation.

If you are an owner of an SME and have concerns or queries about the legislation, Chamber is offering you the opportunity to join us for an open forum where you can check facts, ask questions and be signposted to support. The session will include representatives from The Consortium (designing the training), Equality Guernsey (Karen Blanchford) and G5 representatives (Chamber, the IOD, GIBA, CGI, and the CIPD).

This will be an open forum, where you will have the chance to speak to specific representatives and share your views.

All SMEs are welcome, no matter the nature of their query, concern, or whether they are a member or not of Chamber or one of the other G5 organisations.

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