September 25, 2023

Its great to know that there is a new Ordinance coming in on 1st October, but what do I do if I think I am being discriminated against? Or if someone things I am discriminating against them?

The Employment and Equal Opportunities Service (EEOS) has been set up to help.

Black and white head shot of Stephen Glencross

Stephen Glencross Director of the Employment and Equal Opportunities Service

Stephen Glencross has been made Director of the EEOS. The EEOS can provide information and guidance on problems before they escalate and can help where impartial professional advice is needed. Whilst it is funded through the States it is separate to the States in its operation.

The EEOS has a new website at which gives information and answers to frequently asked questions, for organisations and individuals as well as general questions.

The EEOS is there to help with any complaints of discrimination after the Ordinance starts on 1st October 2023.

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