September 25, 2023

Education Law

The Prevention of Discrimination Ordinance will not commence for parts relating to the provision of education until at least 2025. This was to enable the States to update the Education Law. However, the States were not keen on the changes that had been proposed by the Committee for Education Sports and Culture so that Committee is now seeking further consultation with States members.

To read the States media release about these consultations please click the button below.

Other Work in Education

Work is continuing on the implementation of the SEND review recommendations and we hope to provide a more detailed update on this later this year.

If you work in Education you will be protected under the Ordinance in respect of your employment from 1st October 2023.

There is More to Come

There are some other delayed provisions to the Prevention of Discrimination Ordinance as well as duties for education providers with respect to the provision of education.

The duty to provide reasonable adjustments in relation to physical features and the requirement for the public sector to develop and implement accessibility action plans, will all come in at a later date. The provisions for physical features will not be in place before October 2028.

Currently the Prevention of Discrimination Ordinance does not apply to Alderney and we hope that discussions can take place to provide protection in that Island too.

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