December 15, 2011

HSSD’s bid to have £1.35m of its lost budget reinstated was lost by 18 votes to 29 in the Assembly yesterday. At the time, we assumed that meant that delays to the adult learning disability respite care project would now be implemented. But it seems that is in doubt.
Quoting from today’s Guernsey Press, page 4:

“HSSD Minister Hunter Adam said after the debate that he could not be sure whether [delays to new services] would happen. “I said what we were going to do, but now I don’t know if we are going to do it. I need more clarification”.”

The GDA’s reaction to the States debate featured on Channel News yesterday evening (go to 5.40 in Weds 14th’s broadcast). And in his Comment column on Wednesday, the Editor of the Guernsey Press mentioned the GDA and said:

?”Denying people in need of identified services is misguided – and leaves those HSSD should be helping feeling like political playthings or, worse, worthless”.

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