May 5, 2012

Attendees at GDA AGM
The 4th AGM of the Guernsey Disability Alliance took place on Weds 2nd May.
Picture if you will…

  • A packed Cambridge Room at Beau Sejour – about 100 people
  • Familiar GDA faces, plus lots of new ones.
  • 24 deputies in total (half the Assembly!)
  • No air con (thanks Beau Sejour…)
  • Storming round of applause for Jane Stephens.
  • More applause as Jenny Hooper voted Vice-Chair and Simon De La Mare, Treasurer.
  • Unanimous approval for Rob Platt’s proposal to move to Company Limited By Guarantee.
  • Surprise guest speaker – Chief Minister, Deputy Peter Harwood, praises GDA as ‘model to follow’. (His first official appointment.)
  • Emilie Yerby, Disability Officer, paints a truly inspirational picture of future for disabled islanders.
  • Damp eyes around the room for Jenny’s poignant vote of thanks.
  • A rush to sign-up to register to vote for new Champion.
  • Huge buzz of conversation as everyone stays on to chat over a sandwich (despite the heat).

To give you a flavour…

Here’s what the deputies had to say…

  • Deputy Mike Hadley (South-East):
    ‘Last night was an amazing evening. It’s incredible what the GDA has achieved over the last four years’
  • Deputy Rob Jones (Castel):
    ‘Congratulations to you all for a job well done, this is just the beginning’.

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