June 13, 2012

Luna Bar and Fusion Nightclub staff have launched a mission to find a charity partner for 2012/13.

To coincide with Volunteers Week from, 1 to 7 June, proprietor Adam Burroughs and his team of 37 have been long considering how they can get more involved with the community in which they live and work and have decided the best way forward is to find a charity that needs their help.
Mr Burroughs said: “Volunteers Week got us thinking about what we could do to help the Guernsey community.
“There are so many worthwhile causes. I know the decision on which charity to choose is going to be a difficult one but, rather than spread a little across a number of charities, we believe we can add real value to one charity or community cause. Perhaps it will be one of the charities that doesn’t get a lot of help or one that is not in the news all the time.”
Mr Burroughs said the business will work to raise funds as well as donate cash to the chosen charity but they wanted to do more and he would be giving Luna/Fusion staff time off to volunteer for the charity and provide resources that the charity might need.
“I am also aware that many charities are looking to use the business expertise available in Guernsey to learn and improve the way they work. I am personally very keen to get involved at board level for any charity looking for this kind of acumen.”
Any charities interested in this kind of partnership are asked to send a short summary of their charity, their needs and the help they are looking for to Mr Burroughs at Luna/Fusion before 18 June. The bar and nightclub team will then choose a short list of three charities, meet them and then select which charity they will work with for the next year.
Please send all applications to info@fusion.gg.
For more information contact Emma Anderson, emma@orchardpr.com or 01481 240600.

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